17 Jun 2015

15 happiest feelings

1: Cat cuddles and kisses
2: Finding something you've lost
3: Feeling confident in you're self because that outfit is on point
4: Japanese food - so tasty and good for the soul
5: Signing to your favourite songs.. even better at a gig!
6: Getting into clean bedding after a soak in the bath = perfection
7: Seeing a dog in public... and getting to pet it. Day/life made.
8: Getting a sincere compliment
9: Friends + food + sunshine = true happiness
10: Having more money in your account/purse than you thought (rare but wonderful)
11: When you see your food arriving in a restaurant - the waiter is an angel
12: Making someone else happy - all the feels!
13: Freshly painted nails
14: Stationary - enough said
15: Laughing until your stomach hurts

I was inspired by Essie Button for this post, you can find the video here.

31 May 2015

painting the blues

Feeling the January Blues? Know what makes every better? Yup, that's right nail varnish - those beautiful hues in glass bottles just waiting to burst out and that should be exception just because it's freezing outside! I have chosen my 5 favourite blue hued nail varnishes to share with you because painted nails = happiness.

1 Ciate 'Ferris Wheel' a lovely pastel blue shade that can you can wear all year round and great for s subtle bit of colour. The polish needs two coats and does chip easily. This shade looks especially nice with glitter on the top on the nails.

2 Rimmel London '405 loafer love for you' another shade that you can wear all year round and a wearable colour that would suit all skin tones. I was surprised by the formula of this polish, it is fairly thick and pigmented and is an average on the chip meter.

3 Barry M '312 Indigo' a gorgeous dark purple-blue shade that is complimented by the winter months and a nice alternative if you don't want to paint your nails black. The polish needs two coats and lasts around 3 days before chipping.

Ciate 'Pool Party' a 'bluer' version of the barry m indigo and wearable all year round, like the other Ciate polish mentioned it does easily chip and the formular is fairly watery.

5 Seventeen 'polkadot nail effect' a nice way to add a bit of blue to your nails over a complimenting colour underneath. The brush picks up a fair amount of the polkadots, it is easy to build and wearable all year round.

What is your favourite blue nail varnish? 

25 Apr 2015

two little cats

two little cats sat at the window, wondering what their life could be
two little cats sat at the window, looking as far as they could see

two little cats looked at the world passing by from day to night
two little cats at the cusp of a might

two little cats one old the other young, listened to the birds as they sung
two little cats wondering where they belong

two little cats wishing for a better day
two little cats daydreaming their life away

26 Feb 2015

Cactus & Succulents

Oh sweet succulent, where have you been all my life? Add in a cactus and I'm yours! Yes, I've caught the Pintrest and Tumblr fever of these cute little house plants that make my heart sing. I just can't resist their cuteness!
 These plants are perfect for me as they are low maintenance - they grow slowly and if I forget to water them they will survive, hor-ay!  The plants are also cheap, starting from £1, you can't really go wrong. The pot inspiration came from Pintrest (no surprise there). I brought the glass and silver pots from Ikea and the blue geometric pot from Tiger. I brought the plants from Ikea and Homebase.
What do you think of these little house plants? Have you caught the bug for them yet? 

30 Jan 2015

white fig and patchouli

I recently picked up a replacement for my favourite candle from Sainsbury's in white fig and patchouli with notes of rose and violet. The fragrance is smooth and rich without being over powering. The underlying notes come out when you step back into room after the candle has been extinguished which lasts for hours after.

I was surprised but pleased to see the packaging had been updated to a more modern and luxury feel. The candle burns for around 35 hours and comes in various sizes, I opted for the small-medium size coming in at £4 - a total bargain!

I enjoy burning this candle when I'm relaxing with a book before bed. The rose notes in the candle help to calm me and put me in the mood for sleeping.

What is your favourite candle? 

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