30 Jan 2015

white fig and patchouli

I recently picked up a replacement for my favourite candle from Sainsbury's in white fig and patchouli with notes of rose and violet. The fragrance is smooth and rich without being over powering. The underlying notes come out when you step back into room after the candle has been extinguished which lasts for hours after.

I was surprised but pleased to see the packaging had been updated to a more modern and luxury feel. The candle burns for around 35 hours and comes in various sizes, I opted for the small-medium size coming in at £4 - a total bargain!

I enjoy burning this candle when I'm relaxing with a book before bed. The rose notes in the candle help to calm me and put me in the mood for sleeping.

What is your favourite candle? 

25 Jan 2015

outfit: denim dress and leopard print trainers

On a recent trip to the British Museum I decided to wear my new denim shirt dress from New Look alongside a few of my favourite pieces. I wore my much loved leather jacket I brought from Camden Market about 5 years ago, my favourite tartan scarf from Accessorize. Over the denim shirt dress I wore a basic black cropped jumper from mango, which you can find here and my leopard print slip ons from Clarks. I used my lilac metallic Cambridge Satchel, which I brought in the sale a few years back.

24 Jan 2015


I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous Lush gift for my birthday, when I opened the packaging it smelt like walking into a rose garden in the height of summer. The gift set contains Lush's most popular rose scented products and the limited edition 'Rose Jam' shower gel which only available in this gift. The set also includes bath products and a body conditioner. 

 The Ro's Argan body conditioner is a new Lush product to me, which makes me even more excited to start using it! The smell is feminine and comforting with ingredients including argan oil and shea butter, leaving the skin smooth, soft and moisturised.

I've used the Rose Jam Bubbleroon before and it is one of my firm favourites from Lush. Like their other bubble bars you just need a pinch to create a mountain bubbles. The scent is very similar to the Body Butter and are a great combination to use together.
 The Amanopondo is another product I have never used from Lush before, but was a product I always had my eye on. This product is a bubble bar and has a combined scent of roses with hint of citrus - a perfect product to use after a stressful day or a at home spa.
 Another firm Lush favourite in the Tisty Tosty bath bomb. It has the most beautiful rose scent and feels so luxurious when you pop it in the bath as the dried flowers come out as the soft and delicate rose scent fills the bathroom.
Hands down my favourite Lush shower gel (next to honey i washed the kids of course!). The limited edition Rose Jam shower gel has been in my heart since it was brought into stores and I have a couple of the large bottles still waiting to be used. I was of course very happy to see this in the gift set, the smell is so feminine and fresh without being to heavy. As with all Lush products a little goes a long way, so I can sparingly use this 'lil bottle. 

What is your favourite Lush scent? 

20 Jan 2015

2015 goals


It's taken me a while to think of what my honest and realist goals are for this year ahead, I feel as if this year is the first in many years where there will be structure and I can see the road ahead - meaning I can plan and take action. This year at 23, I want it to be about me and improving myself. Making changes and pushing myself in the right direction - I'm sure my older self will thank me. 

 1: Stick to your ground - with every decision or action I take I want it to be because I am who I am, not because I'm expected to or wanted to. Wether thats saying no to a night out and not feeling guilty about it because I'd rather curl up with the cat on the sofa or simply going with by gut.

2: Speak up! -   It's taken me 23 years to realise my opinion and voice matters, no matter how big or small that sound may be. Every one has a voice and everyone should share it.

3: Push yourself - because you can do it and don't let anyone or anything may you think you can't. You are in control and you can steer yourself where you want to go, yes it will take time and hard work but you'll never get anywhere if you don't work for it. This year I will have an internship - even if its for a couple of weeks, because the sooner I put myself out there the easier it gets. 

4: Less spending, more saving - always a hard one when you're a student but it can be done. I hate the feeling at the end of a term when my purse is collecting moths and it's down to me being spendy. I vow to myself I will make myself a packed lunch when I am at uni because those pounds stack up week after week. I vow (heartbreakenly) to myself to only buy the clothes I need/really really really want, which leads me on to my next point.

5: Think before you dress - I have so many clothes but I always seem to wear the same outfit, sound familiar? This year I want to be better at styling myself by wearing what I already have but in different ways. Even if it's as simple as tucking my tee into my jeans, it will be a different look and will make me feel like I am wearing something new! In turn I will spend less money and have more to actually go with - thats if I don't say no!

What do you plan to do with your year?

18 Jan 2015

little gems

Pretty, check. Delicate, check. Wearable, double check. These little gems (pardon my pun) are my most worn necklaces and both were found in the Topshop sale in the summer last year for just £2.50! I can't say no to a bargain, especially when they look like these.
The necklaces are versatile - you can layer them with other necklaces and they look great with a plain tee underneath. I love the simplicity of these necklaces, they can transform a plain outfit by adding a bit of sparkle and simple class. The neutral tones compliments by (almost) monochrome wardrobe, perfect for adding a little bit of colour. 
Have you got any bargains that have stood the test of time? 

KC x

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