17 Jun 2015

15 happiest feelings

1: Cat cuddles and kisses
2: Finding something you've lost
3: Feeling confident in you're self because that outfit is on point
4: Japanese food - so tasty and good for the soul
5: Signing to your favourite songs.. even better at a gig!
6: Getting into clean bedding after a soak in the bath = perfection
7: Seeing a dog in public... and getting to pet it. Day/life made.
8: Getting a sincere compliment
9: Friends + food + sunshine = true happiness
10: Having more money in your account/purse than you thought (rare but wonderful)
11: When you see your food arriving in a restaurant - the waiter is an angel
12: Making someone else happy - all the feels!
13: Freshly painted nails
14: Stationary - enough said
15: Laughing until your stomach hurts

I was inspired by Essie Button for this post, you can find the video here.

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