20 Jan 2015

2015 goals


It's taken me a while to think of what my honest and realist goals are for this year ahead, I feel as if this year is the first in many years where there will be structure and I can see the road ahead - meaning I can plan and take action. This year at 23, I want it to be about me and improving myself. Making changes and pushing myself in the right direction - I'm sure my older self will thank me. 

 1: Stick to your ground - with every decision or action I take I want it to be because I am who I am, not because I'm expected to or wanted to. Wether thats saying no to a night out and not feeling guilty about it because I'd rather curl up with the cat on the sofa or simply going with by gut.

2: Speak up! -   It's taken me 23 years to realise my opinion and voice matters, no matter how big or small that sound may be. Every one has a voice and everyone should share it.

3: Push yourself - because you can do it and don't let anyone or anything may you think you can't. You are in control and you can steer yourself where you want to go, yes it will take time and hard work but you'll never get anywhere if you don't work for it. This year I will have an internship - even if its for a couple of weeks, because the sooner I put myself out there the easier it gets. 

4: Less spending, more saving - always a hard one when you're a student but it can be done. I hate the feeling at the end of a term when my purse is collecting moths and it's down to me being spendy. I vow to myself I will make myself a packed lunch when I am at uni because those pounds stack up week after week. I vow (heartbreakenly) to myself to only buy the clothes I need/really really really want, which leads me on to my next point.

5: Think before you dress - I have so many clothes but I always seem to wear the same outfit, sound familiar? This year I want to be better at styling myself by wearing what I already have but in different ways. Even if it's as simple as tucking my tee into my jeans, it will be a different look and will make me feel like I am wearing something new! In turn I will spend less money and have more to actually go with - thats if I don't say no!

What do you plan to do with your year?

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