9 Feb 2014

Stationery Haul!

Oops! I did it again and found myself with some new and gorgeous stationery (not that I should complain!). Whilst cutting through M&S these beauties caught my eye and I just couldn't say no, from the design, quality and price it was a big thumbs up. I picked up a set of notebooks, pencils, tape and a candle (not really stationery but too cute to leave out!) 

If you get a chance to sniff this white fig and patchouli candle then you must! It has some a homely, feminine and floral scent. I can't wait to burn it and snuggle up to watch a film. I thought the ceramic pot would be a cute brush holder once the candle has finished. 
I was a bit over excited when I saw these notebooks, but hey thats just the kinda girl I am! The notebooks are such a lovely quality, with each one having different pages inside from plain, lined and squared pages (which are the same colour as the the edge of the pages and the stitching down the spine ^_^).  The notebooks covers feel like smooth leather and the pages are good quality thick cream paper. The attention to detail in these notebooks makes me swoon and I think I'm a little obsessed! 
I found these cuties in the valentines section and instantly knew that the pencils and I would make a perfect pair. I thought that they were so cute and look like something you would find on Esty. I'm not sure if I will have the heart to use them, but they are lovely to sit there and admire! 
The last thing I picked up before things got a little out of hand was these tapes, which I plain to use wrapping presents, decorating envelopes and again, simply admiring. 

Where are your favourite places to get stationery? 

KC x


  1. ooo luxury notebooks, that sounds so fancy! i can never say no to pretty stationary either- it's one of the small joys in life ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. Nice blog! :))
    I wore out with a friend, that by the end of the month I will have 3 000 followers on the blog! It is very important to me! You could add to the followers? If you want to I follow you back :) Let me know!
    Love, Poppy.


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